Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Pure procastination

So, was my first blog a raging success? No. Although 9 page views in a few hours can't be too bad seeing as I didn't promote it in anyway! I can see how blogging can completely absorb someone, I can't stop thinking about it. That and I'm on reading week from uni so it definitely beats doing something productive. In other news, I'm waaaaay too excited for Christmas. I just absolute December even though I might actually have to do uni work. Darn. Ah well, if it means I don't have to sell the big issue for the rest of my life then it's gotta be worth a shot!
I shall keep you updated with my Christmas excitement, I might actually make my own decoration or some shit just to feel it a little bit.
Til next time blogging friends (not that I have any yet....hint hint, we'll have a ball on this journey!)

Monday, 5 November 2012

Let's get started

So here it goes. This is the moment that I take my first blogging steps. On a par with joining Facebook back in the day, maybe even joining a new school! So I hear you all asking what my life is like...am I some crazy superstar in disguise or a spy? The answer is, rather predictably, no. I am just your average Joe...well that's a lie straight off seeing as my name doesn't even begin with a J. Sorry if you feel mislead. I am in all truths just an average person. Being average does not mean that you don't have an identity, but average (to me) means that I am simply a member of the public.
Fortunately every day is what you make of it, and whilst I enjoy a day infront of the tv as much as the next person, days are for doing.
I say this but my day today has been solely focussed on watching Grey's Anatomy in bed......so it hasn't been emotionally easy! They might as well hand me my medical qualifications now based on my watching of grey's knowledge.
I did however go for a run....no mean feat on Bonfire Night. The shitting of ones self everytime you hear a firework does somewhat put you off! The constant fear that you might see someone breaking the firework code (anyone else remember that?!) and holding a sparkler without gloves on! Rebels. I tell you, the thing we do. Why run when you could eat a packet of biscuits in the same time that you were out in the cold and wet?
That said, I hope you all (if there are any of you out there) enjoyed your night and shall enjoy my rambles within this blog. I shall try to keep you entertained. I would be chuffed with comments, even horrible ones cause I know there's little hating gremlins out there someone.
Until next time blogging friends!